Christopher Lavis-Jones 4x10 Panoramics
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Born in Chester in 1973, Chris Lavis-Jones started to build up his collection of panoramas of Snowdonia whilst working for the YHA in North Wales. ‘It was after a spell of two to three years of not taking photographs that my love of photography was rekindled by the majestic Snowdonia scenery’. The 4x10 framed pictures are sold as souvenirs in some of the Youth Hostels in Snowdonia. The complete range was available to buy online using this website, including images of other areas of the UK and abroad. We no longer have stock of the 4"x10" framed photographs, but if you are interested in prints of any of the photographs on these pages, please contact us directly. The 4x10 website was conceived, designed and built by Rachel Saxon.

all images © 2005 Christopher Lavis-Jones